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Summer Street Smarts


Tips & Advice to Stay Street Smart This Summer!

Take these steps so you can put your feet up and relax this summer, knowing that it's all good in your hood!


Keeping Your Home Safe While You're Away


Heading away this summer? We want to make sure your home stays safe while you're away enjoying your 'home away from home', so have put together a set of tips and advice to help make that happen!

Staying Safe on the Roads


It's a busy time of year on new Zealand roads and everyone wants to get fro A to B safely, so here are some tips and advice to make sure that happens!

Hosting a Party


Hosting a Christmas BBQ or New Year's Eve Party? Just remember that we all have different lives, schedules, and like to celebrate differently. What might be 'a night to party' for you, could be the night before the busiest and longest working day of the year for your neighbour. We've put together some tips and advice for hosting a party that's considerate of everyone... guests, host, and neighbours included!

Shop Safe - Preventing Fraud & Scams


You might find yourself making more purchases than usual at this time of year, and many of those might be online, so here's a set of tips and advice to make sure you stay safe and secure whilst doing your Christmas shopping this year. And remember to think about the security of your online shopping when it gets delivered!

Have a happy, safe and connected summer! From the team at Neighbourhood Support NZ!

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