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Keeping Your Vehicles Safe & Secure

The majority of car thefts and break-ins happen in broad daylight. Vehicles are 86% more likely to be broken into or stolen during the afternoon.

Vehicles are often targeted when valuables (such as handbags, laptops, or wallets) are visible inside. Most thefts are opportunistic so you can help protect your vehicle by:




Protecting Your Vehicle Checklist:

  • Vehicle parked in a visible location, or off the street if possible.

  • Windows & sunroof closed.

  • Valuables removed from vehicle or stored safely out of sight.

  • Vehicle locked & keys taken with you.

  • Keys & key chains do not display names, addresses, or license plate numbers.

  • Number plates secured with anti-theft screws (avail. at car accessory stores).

  • Alloy wheels secured with fit locking, anti-tamper wheel nuts.

  • Car ownership information stored at home, not in vehicle.

  • Vehicle fitted with anti-theft device, such as steering wheel lock or alarm.

  • If vehicle is key-less, ‘keys’ (or entry device) kept a safe distance from car, away from doors & windows so signal cannot be interfered with.  

  • Get to know neighbours & their vehicles so you’ll know if you see something that doesn’t seem right.

Reporting Car Crime:

  • Dial 111 if a crime is happening.

  • Dial 105 if the crime has happened.

  • Or report online at

You can check if a vehicle has been stolen in the last six months by going to

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