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About Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

Neighbourhood Support is a nationwide movement that brings people and neighbourhoods together to create safe, resilient, and connected communities.

We work alongside NZ Police and other partners to equip neighbourhoods to improve safety, be prepared for emergencies, and support one another so that our communities are great places to live.

Neighbourhood Support is free to join and offers a wide range of benefits.

You will:

  • Have opportunities to connect with those around you.

  • Receive emails with what’s happening in your community.

  • Get tips to improve the safety of your home and your community.

  • Learn how to be prepared for emergencies.

  • Be invited to attend community events organised by Neighbourhood Support.

  • And more!

Being involved in Neighbourhood Support comes in many forms.

You might:

  • Stay connected online or by email.

  • Attend street meetups.

  • Host or join street barbeques.

  • Participate in kai swaps or seed swaps.

  • Join street beautification projects.

  • Or more!

By staying connected and supporting each other, we can make our neighbourhoods safe and welcoming for all.

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