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Good Neighbours coming to the rescue during lockdown

Neighbourhood Support’s first Good Neighbour Award winner is a young man who is buying his elderly neighbour’s groceries every week – allaying a world of anxiety for his neighbour’s family.

It's the simple things that matter most during a lockdown, such as having enough kai.

Neighbourhood Support New Zealand launched the weekly awards last week, receiving nominations for 150 good-hearted Kiwis from North Auckland to Otago who are caring and supporting neighbours while maintaining their bubbles. Chief Executive Tess Casey says Tom, from Warkworth, was chosen as this week’s winner as his actions epitomised the kindness and thoughtfulness seen in so many of the nominations. “Tom’s neighbour is 79 and his wife of more than 50 years sadly passed away last year. Tom’s neighbour’s family don’t live close by and they were worried about their Dad and how he would cope in lockdown by himself.” Tom was nominated by Toni, his neighbour’s daughter. “Tom came to the rescue … each week he goes and stands in the long supermarket queue and then pops the shopping over the fence for my Dad. Tom has a young family and small business that’s come to an abrupt halt, and must be worried about his loss of income, yet he continues to reach out to my Dad. He even includes a little treat in with my Dad’s groceries. “Tom’s support means so much to us. It is so reassuring to know that Dad has such a kind neighbour looking out for him,” Toni says. “I really didn’t know how to say thank you, so being able to nominate him for this award means a lot to us.” Tess Casey says the nominations Neighbour Support New Zealand received for the Good Neighbour Awards were heart-warming. “We had whole families and whole streets nominated. There were kind, caring people looking out for their neighbours by doing things like shopping, checking in, mowing the lawns, and generally keeping people’s spirits up. “One street decorated their front fences to celebrate a little boy’s birthday. Another neighbour is putting a riddle up in their window everyday for the kids next door to solve.” Neighbourhood Support New Zealand also received a number of nominations for “amazing” people who organise, coordinate and connect others in their communities. Entries for next week’s winner are open now at:

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