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Know of a standout neighbour who is making a difference on your street or in your community during New Zealand's COVID-19 Level 4 Lockdown?


We want to know! Nominate them for a Neighbourhood Support Good Neighbour Award.


We want to recognise everyday Kiwis who are lending a hand, going above and beyond, and making our communities safer, more resilient or connected.

Nominations are open to all residents of New Zealand who currently reside in the country during lockdown. Using the form below simply tells us who you're nominating, why you'd like to nominate them and then hit submit.

Each week we'll choose our favourite nomination as our Good Neighbour of the week. Both the nominator and nominee will each receive a $50 Prezzy Card and plenty of virtual high-fives, our small way of saying thanks for making our neighbourhoods a better place to live.

Nominations open on Tuesday 7 April 2020 at 9am and will be running every week until Level 4 lockdown ends. Make sure to submit your nomination by 7pm on Sunday to be considered for that week's award otherwise your nomination will be considered for the following week. Winners will be announced here and on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on Tuesdays starting on 14 April.

7 - 12 April Good Neighbour: Tom from Warkworth

Tom is a young man who has been helping his 79 year old neighbour since his wife passed away suddenly last year. For the family of Tom’s neighbour who live some distance away, his support means so much to them knowing their dad has such a kind neighbour and now mate, regularly looking out for him and helping with his weekly shopping. Thank you Tom for exemplifying what it means to be a caring Kiwi!

13 - 19 April Good Neighbour: Pawik Patel from Whakatane

Pawik Patel, a regional dairy owner based in Whakatane whose kindness, positivity and professionalism during the lockdown has won over the hearts of locals.

Pawik, who runs the Allendale Superette alongside his wife, was chosen as this week’s winner as his efforts echo other touching stories and nominations received from across the country which highlight the lengths our essential workers are going to during lockdown. In the case of Pawik, even going as far as selling some items at cost.

He has also been delivering shopping to people who need it and sending positive COVID-19 updates. According to his nominator, Pawik has been a shining light in their community who never fails to check in with his customers to see how they and their families are doing in their bubbles.

20 - 26 April Good Neighbour: Brooke + Kauri from Hamilton

Kauri Harry and Brooke Thompson are a young Hamilton couple looking after their end of the street.

Kauri and Brooke are described as exemplifying what Neighbourhood Support is all about. In fact, Kauri was nominated three times by his grateful neighbours.


Together Kauri and Brooke have been looking after a neighbour’s property after they were caught on the wrong side of the Tasman when lockdown began. For the past five weeks they have been doing everything from watering gardens, feeding fish (and a chook), mowing lawns, and ensuring that the house is safe and sound. Nothing has been too much trouble and they have even helped to retrieve much needed work equipment from the house so that their neighbour can continue to work from his temporary home in Australia.

In addition, Kauri mows the front verge for other neighbours and has started a Free Box to share excess fruit and vegetables with anyone who needs it. Ka pai!

27 April - 3 May Good Neighbour: Philip + Sue from Auckland 

The couple, who were nominated by two grateful neighbours, have been creating new window and garden displays daily that feature toys they have around their home for their grandchildren who haven’t been able to visit since lockdown began. Starting off with a lone tiger on the first day, they gradually introduced what grew to be 10 animal characters, each with a relevant scene and poem which formed part of a bigger storyline.


The project kept expanding as local kids got to know the characters and started to come back each day to follow the happenings at Sue and Philip’s. As funny comments, quirky questions and magic moments were overheard while eavesdropping from inside, these were used as sparks of inspiration for future displays. One such display celebrated the 4th birthday of a neighbour who was overjoyed to see a special party scene created just for her.


In addition to bringing smiles to all who walk past their home each day, they have also set up a WhatsApp group for their Neighbourhood Support group and coordinated the street effort when they became aware a 90-year-old couple nearby needed a few grocery items urgently.
















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