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Young Hamilton couple take home Good Neighbour Award

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

A young Hamilton couple looking after their end of the street are the winners of this week’s Neighbourhood Support Good Neighbours Award.

Brooke Thompson (L) and Kauri Harry (R) standing proudly next to their street's new free fruit and veg box.

Kauri Harry and Brooke Thompson are described as exemplifying what Neighbourhood Support is all about. In fact, Kauri was nominated three time by his grateful neighbours.

Together Kauri and Brooke have been looking after a neighbour’s property after they were caught on the wrong side of the Tasman when lockdown began. For the past five weeks they have been doing everything from watering gardens, feeding fish (and a chook), mowing lawns, and ensuring that the house is safe and sound. Nothing has been too much trouble and they have even helped to retrieve much needed work equipment from the house so that their neighbour can continue to work from his temporary home in Australia.

In addition, Kauri mows the front verge for other neighbours and has started a Free Box to share excess fruit and vegetables with anyone who needs it.

Neighbourhood Support Chief Executive, Tess Casey, says that it was hard to go past the three nominations for Kauri and Brooke when choosing a winner for this week’s awards. “Their nominators describe them as a wonderful young couple who, despite the fact that they are busy with a young family and both studying to be nurses, always have the time to help others.”

Neighbourhood Support New Zealand launched the weekly awards to celebrate Kiwis supporting each other, by helping those who live nearby.

“We’ve received several nominations from people who were away from home when lockdown began. They have all had to rely on the kindness of neighbours to look after their empty homes or to provide them with clothes, bedding and assistance in the locations where they’ve ended up,” says Tess.

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