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Urgent call to reach out to your neighbours

Reach Out, Look Out and Help Out.

Now is your chance to connect with your neighbours and come up with a plan for supporting one another.

Neighbourhood Support New Zealand is urging all New Zealanders to set up a Neighbourhood Support group as soon as possible.

By supporting one another and looking out for vulnerable neighbours we will be able to get through the next four weeks.

The charitable organisation, which has been in the business of creating safe, resilient and connected communities for over 20 years, has set up an easy three step process which involves:

1. Setting up a group with neighbours’ contact details

2. Registering the group with their local Neighbourhood Support Coordinator

3. Developing a neighbourhood plan

“We’ve put together some easy to use resources on our website to help people to do this,” says Chief Executive, Tess Casey. “We want to encourage people to think about how they link in those who do not have access to the internet, who don’t have English as a first language or are not confident with social media. An old-fashioned phone tree might be a good option and we are sure people will come up with other creative ways to support one another.”

Neighbourhood Support usually defines a ‘group’ as the households you can see from your front door-step, but there is no hard and fast rule about this. It is dependent on what is practical and how your street, road or apartment building is set up.

“Our neighbourhood plan helps people identify the best way for their group to stay in touch and also to identify who needs help and who might be able to assist,” Tess says.

The resources are available on the organisation’s website: and people can also contact their local Neighbourhood Support Coordinator directly. They can find their nearest contact on the website or by phoning 0800 434 444.

Neighbourhood Support New Zealand has 67 member organisations throughout the country, who coordinate and support local networks.

Become A Supporter Today...

To learn more about how we create safer, more caring and connected streets, visit the Neighbourhood Support website here:

You can also join us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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