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New members needed for Mount Neighbourhood Support

Western Bay of Plenty Neighbourhood Support manager Bruce Banks

More Mount Maunganui households are wanting to join Western Bay of Plenty Neighbourhood Support after the isolation of lockdown.

Neighbourhood Support delivered fliers around the Mount calling for new street co-ordinators. The result was two dozen emails and phone calls from people wanting to know more about what is involved in being a street co-ordinator, ten signing up to do the role with more considering it and 56 new households signing on.

Western Bay of Plenty manager Bruce Banks says the interest was positive.

“People made connections with their neighbours while they were staying home and many want to continue that connection,” says Bruce. “Street co-ordinators are the ‘glue’ in our organisation.”

Once the new street co-ordinators sign up their neighbours, the organisation is expecting to have more than 300 new household members in Mount Maunganui. Currently about 15,700 Western Bay of Plenty households are members.

The new street co-ordinators also had a good reception from their neighbours.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback and 100 per cent of neighbours signing up,” says new street co-ordinator Carol Trusler.

“Such a great response and a fantastic way to meet my locals. It doesn’t take much time and having the group really builds the neighbourly spirit. There is already talk of a street party.”

"Streets where Neighbourhood Support Street Groups operate are more resilient in a crisis,” says Bruce, “and have been proven to have less crime as people keep an eye on each other’s homes."

Despite the success of the membership drive, Neighbourhood Support is still keen to enroll more households and find more street co-ordinators throughout the Western Bay of Plenty.

“There are still many streets or parts of streets that need someone to volunteer to help us set up a street group. It’s not a lot of work and it helps build a friendly neighbourhood,” says Bruce.

For more information contact Bruce Banks: on 07 562 2828 or 027 271 3772, or email: Or contact the Omanu area coordinator for Mount Maunganui Neighbourhood Support Linda Thompson on:

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