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Live-streamed dance fitness classes keeping people active inside their bubbles

By: Manawatū Standard

Lee Bryan dances with son Jaxon-Cage Adam, 2, while her other son Ryder Adam, 3, watches.

People can continue to get their fitness fix through online dance workouts sparked during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The classes run as part of Neighbourhood Support Manawatū’s music and movement programme.

General manager Aly Thompson said the sessions were about getting people of all ages and abilities up, out, and physical.

She said when lockdown was announced she decided to move the classes online, and get people to participate and get moving from their homes.

“People can jump online and have a bit of a boogie.”

The online classes started last week and would continue a few times a week in the afternoons through alert level 3.

She said it was a great way for people to get their bodies moving, with a fun and non-strenuous activity.

“It breaks the monotony of the daily walk. If people are looking for something else to do, a bit of variety.”

The workout could be done alone or with family, and it was easy to get the kids involved.

Thompson said between five and 20 people had tuned in to participate live, and the videos were uploaded on YouTube for people to watch at a later date.

The movements were simple enough for people to follow along, or adapt to their abilities.

Prior to lockdown, the classes were run in Feilding on a Monday and in Cheltenham, Pohangina Valley, and Rongotea on Thursdays. They are funded by Manawatū District Council.

Face to face classes would return in alert level 2, but online classes could continue if there was demand.

DanceFit instructor Lee Bryan said the classes were going well and even if people weren’t tuning in live, they were available on playback. One video had reached more than 70 views.

She said it was easy to sit on the couch and do nothing under the stricter alert levels, and the workouts were a way to feel normal again.

St Joseph’s School had also got involved, and was putting some exercise videos online for its kids to do.

People can watch the videos online on Neighbourhood Support Manawatū’s YouTube channel.

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