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Whakatane Neighbourhood Support

+64 27 2551351

6 Victoria Avenue, Whakatane


Whakatane Neighbourhood Support is part of a network of local groups & partners. Our common purpose is to create safe and caring neighbourhoods and communities, reducing the incidences and effects of criminal offending, building community resilience and strengthening community networks to improve the quality of life and enhance well being.

Working with the Police and many other organisations in our community, we promote and support the development of Neighbourhood Support groups throughout our district.

Creating safe, resilient, and connected communities.

Meet the Team

Poppy Jansakul

+64 27 255 1350

Jane Fox

+64 27 255 1351

Join Us

Help make Whakatane a safer and more caring place to live...

Thank you to our Sponsors + Partners...

"When one neighbour helps another, we strengthen our communiities."

Jennifer Pahlka

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