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South Canterbury Neighbourhood Support

+64 3 6879802

C/- Timaru Police Station, 20 North Street, Timaru 7910


South Canterbury Neighbourhood Support covers both rural and urban areas in the Timaru, Waimate and Mackenzie districts. Within our network we have about 3500 member households and 350 street groups. We are also involved in a range of community projects.

South Canterbury Neighbourhood Support was started as a Police and community initiative in 2000 and is an Incorporated Society and Charity.

We aim to make homes, streets, neighbourhoods and communities safer and more caring and enjoyable places in which to live. We encourage neighbours to get to know one another and help take care of one another, especially those more vulnerable or most at risk in our communities.

We seek funding to ensure membership, information, support and resources are free to our members and appreciate the support of all our funders and partners.

We work closely with our local partners; the Police, Fire and Emergency NZ, Civil Defence, Multicultural Aoraki, Age Concern, Community Patrol and Road Safety to help create safer, happier and better prepared neighbourhoods.

It's all about looking out for one another!

Members of our network receive a free information pack which includes helpful information from us, and our partners. Members also get regular news, information and alerts by email, at local meetings and events, on Face Book, Instagram and through our monthly email Newsletters.

We can also help set up local street groups and help arrange local meetings or events.

Creating safe, resilient, and connected communities.

Meet the Team

Betty-Ann Smart


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Help make South Canterbury a safer and more caring place to live...

Thank you to our Sponsors + Partners...

"All will concede that in order to have good neighbours, we must also be good neighbours. That applies in every field of human endeavor."

Harry S Truman

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