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Greater Wellington Neighbourhood Support Trust

+64 21 349 660

Kilbirnie Police Station


The Greater Wellington Neighbourhood Support Trust was set up to deliver Neighbourhood Support all over the region. Through contracts with Kapiti Coast District Council, Hutt City Council and through various other wonderful funders we have coordinators in Kapiti, South Wairarapa, Lower Hutt, Wellington and Porirua. We also have a dedicated Youth coordinator on the Kapiti Coast.

Our aim is to bring Neighbourhood Support to anyone who wants it, building safety, connections and resilience in all of our communities. Delivering projects that are lead by the communities that best meet their needs and encourage engagement.

We work with individuals, groups, businesses and organisations to address concerns around safety, community well being and emergency preparedness. If you would like to chat to your local coordinator about setting up a Neighbourhood Support group in your area, or anything else going on in your community, please get in touch.

Creating safe, resilient, and connected communities.

Meet the Team

Ava Sanganoo

South Wairarapa Coordinator

64 21 229 9140

Cheryl Murray

Kapiti Coordinator

+64 21 272 3987

Kat Downs

Lower Hutt Coordinator

+64 21 770 594

Helena Henare Coolen

Kapiti Youth Coordinator

+64 21 139 3884

Emma McGill

Senior Area Coordinator (Porirua and Wellington Coordinator)

+64 21 349 660

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Help make the Wellington District a safer and more caring place to live...

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"There is plenty to do, for each one of us, working on our own hearts, changing our own attitudes, in our own neighborhoods."

Dorothy Day

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