Policy Bank

This is where we will post policies and procedures that may be helpful to your organisation. 

If you have any policies you would like to share, please send them through to our Chief Executive, Tess Casey

NSNZ Policies

NSNZ has a number of obligations that we need to make sure we comply with. Some of these are legislative, such as the Privacy Act, and some arise from our Memorandum of Understanding with NZ Police. These obligations also apply to our member organisations. There are three core policies:

Health + Safety

The Health and Safety Act requires both organisations and individuals to think about how to keep people safe at work. This involves thinking about the potential risks you face and having a plan or process in place for dealing with them. This will be different for each NSNZ member organisation, as we all work in different circumstances. For that reason it isn’t possible to have one generic Health and Safety Policy that can apply to every member organisation, but we have put together some information and templates that we hope will help you in developing your own policies and procedures.

Guidelines + Templates

You might also find this Guideline published by Community Waikato helpful.

NSNZ Health + Safety Policies

We have developed Health and Safety Policies and Procedures for NSNZ, which covers our employees and volunteers at National Office. You are welcome to use any of the information or documents as templates for your own policies.

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