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Community Led Development

Community-led development is about encouraging a community to be pro-active and taking a lead in its own development. 


Inspiring Communities has identified five guiding principles that help this to happen: 


1. Shared local visions or goals which drive action and change
2. Using existing community strengths and assets
3. People and groups working together
4. Building diverse and collaborative local leadership
5. Adaptable planning and action informed by outcomes 


Inspiring Communities has also published a useful framework that helps us think about the values, qualities, skills and knowledge we need to support community led development.


Digital technology is an important part of how we connect. From organising events to keeping in touch with partners and supporters – being online is an important part of how we work. Unfortunately, there is an increasing number of risks we need to be aware of to keep ourselves and our organisations safe.

Here is a collection of resources to help:


Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a crime prevention philosophy based on designing the physical environment of a place (e.g. a business, a park) to insure it minimises opportunities for criminal activity. 

The Ministry of Justice has published National Guidelines for CPTED in NZ. 


We have further information regarding CPTED on the NSNZ website in the Tips + Advice section.

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