About NSNZ

The NSNZ section is intended to provide our members with everything they will need to know about the national organisation.


This section will assist our members to:

  • Understand the development strategies that NSNZ are delivering

  • Identify the 69 organisations who are members of NSNZ

  • See how your local statistics and feedback contributes to the larger accountability reports that NSNZ puts together

  • Understand the structure of the organisation (how it works and who or what roles are involved)

  • Who in the national organisation to contact and for what 

Useful Documents

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Outcome Agreement Reports

Growing Neighbourhood Support Visualisation.jpg

2021 NSNZ Conference - GROW


2019 AGM + DR Forum + Youth Hui

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2019 NSNZ Conference - CONNECT

Creating safe, resilient, and connected communities.